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Church Weddings in Gibraltar

Church weddings in a number of religions or denominations have full legal recognition in Gibraltar and you will not need to have a separate civil wedding.

Documents Required

No matter what church you chose to marry in you will need to comply with all the civil requirements and hold a Special Marriage Licence issued by the Gibraltar Registrar before the marriage can take place.

The normal paperwork and procedures for an overseas wedding within your religion must also be followed.

See general information about the requirements of theRoman Catholic Church andother religions, but you will also need to contact the clergy in your chosen venue well in advance to determine if they have any special requirements.

Roman Catholic Weddings

In general churches will require at least three months notice of a wedding.

Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion in Gibraltar and here are a number of Catholic Churches throughout the Island. By far the most popular with overseas couples is the imposing and centrally located Cathedral of St Mary.

Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned
215, Main Street,
Tel. 00 350 76688

The following churches may also agree to celebrate your marriage.

Sacred Heart Parish Church
St.Joseph's Parish Church
St.Bernard's Church
St.Paul's Parish Church
St.Theresa's Parish Church

Anglican Weddings

The most popular venue for Anglican Wedding in Gibraltar is theThe Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity, a very beautiful location.

To arrange a wedding you need to contact the Dean directly:

The Dean
The Deanery
Bomb House Lane
Tel. 00 350 78377
Fax. 00 350 78463

Methodist Weddings

Gibraltar Methodist Church
Wesley House
297 Main Street
Tel. 00 350 71990
Fax. 00 350 40581

Presbyterian Weddings

You do not need to be a member of the Church to marry in a Presbyterian Church, but marriages will be carried out at the discretion of the minister.

St Andrew's Church of Scotland
St Andrew's Manse
29 Scud Hill
Tel. 00 350 77040

Jewish Weddings

There is quite a significant Jewish population in Gibraltar and a number of synagogues scattered around the island. This is the best place to make your initial enquiries:

Gibraltar Jewish Community
10 Bomb House Lane
Tel. 00 350 72606